Internship contract / Contract for hiring a trainee

Since 2014, an option has been introduced in our legislation to hire a person under an internship contract. This option allows the intern to gain experience in the specialty, which he studied and has no experience. The trainee is looked after by a mentor, who is an employee of the employer. Наставникът трябва да има професионална квалифиция и опит в сферата на стажуване или подобна на сферата на стажуване на лицето. The interns enjoy all the rights of those working in an employment relationship, including. the right to safe and healthy working conditions, trade union association, collective bargaining, etc.

The intern must meet the following requirements:

  • to be a person aged up to 29 years;
  • to have graduated from a vocationally oriented secondary or higher school, on which it will be hired;
  • to have no work experience or professional experience in the profession or specialty acquired by him.

A teacher:

  • to have a minimum 3 years of service or professional experience in the activity
  • the relationship between the employer and the mentor is regulated by an additional agreement to his employment contract, in which the distribution of working hours and other conditions for the implementation of mentoring are determined.

Term of the contract:

  • from 6 to 12 month with one employed person;

Option to terminate:

  • S 15 daily notice from one or the other party to the contract. Upon termination of the contract, the person is not protected against unemployment.


  • At the discretion of the employer, but not less than the national minimum wage, and the conditions regulated in the Labor Code must also be complied with.

Registering with the National Revenue Agency:

  • The internship contract is an employment contract and as such its conclusion is subject to declaration to the National Revenue Agency. For this purpose, changes were also initiated in Ordinance No. 5 on the content and order of sending the notification under Art. 62, take. 5 from the Labor Code. A new code has been added to the grounds for concluding the employment contract - 16, specifically for the contract with a traineeship condition.

Certification of learning outcomes:

  • In 15 days from the end of the training, the employer issues a certificate (recommendation) certifying the results of the training, which will serve him when applying for a job with another employer
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