Important changes in the Commercial Law from 01.01.2017

Since the beginning of this year, for the decisions taken under Art. 137 take. 1, etc. 2, 4, etc. 5, proposal first, etc. 7 from TK(see below) се съставя протокол с нотариално удостоверяване на подписите и съдържанието, performed simultaneously, unless the articles of association provide for a written form.

Промяната е наложена поради многобройните кражби на фирми. It's the good thing, that any company can refuse the innovations, но така отново се подлага на опасност от кражба.

The commercial register offers a service for SMS notification при всяко постъпило искане за промяна в обстоятелствата на дружеството, което е вид застраховка от кражби дори и при отказ от ползването на новият режим.

This means, that if not expressly stated in the company's memorandum of association, that the decisions described above will only be made in writing, то протокол с нотариално удостоверяване на подписите и съдържанието, performed at the same time will be mandatory for the above decisions.

It's nice, if you have decided to make changes in the Commercial Register, to save time and the possibility of mistakes, contact a specialist.

TK Art. 137. (1) General Assembly:

1. amends and supplements the company agreement;
2. (change. – DV, no. 103 from 1993 Mr.) admits and excludes partners, gives consent to the transfer of a company share to a new member;
3. adopts the annual report and balance sheet, distributes the profit and decides on its payment;
4. makes decisions to reduce and increase capital;
5. elects the manager, determine his remuneration and release him from liability;
6. makes decisions on opening and closing branches and participation in other companies;
7. makes decisions on the acquisition and alienation of real estate and real rights over them;
8. makes decisions on bringing claims of the company against the manager or the controller and appoints a representative to conduct processes against them;
9. decides on additional cash contributions.
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