ДДС дали е включено или не в договорената цена
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You are hiring an IT company employee on your doorstep

За фирми с икономическа дейност “Other activities in the field of information technology”, код на дейността 6209, за да разберете и определите минималния праг трябва:
  1. Select a job from the job classifier, which most closely matches the one agreed upon between you.


  1. From the number in front of the position, the minimum salary threshold is also determined 8 o'clock.

Here's how much the minimum costs will be :

For positions starting with 1 : 970 BGN. (contract salary)/ will receive 760.38 BGN. чисто/ общ разход за фирмата= 1 147.51 BGN.
For positions starting with 2 : 631 BGN. (contract salary)/ will receive 494.64 BGN. чисто/ общ разход за фирмата = 746.48 BGN.
For positions starting with 3 : 508 BGN. (contract salary)/ will receive 398.21 BGN. чисто/ общ разход за фирмата = 600.95 BGN.
For positions starting with 4,5,6,7,8 and 9- ка : 420 BGN. (contract salary)/ will receive 329.25 BGN. net/ total cost to the firm = 494.76

At 4 hours contract, everything must be divided into 2!

Keep in mind, че служителят може да започне работа на следващия работен ден след регистрирането на договора в НАП.

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